Good Design is Crucial

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You may not think consciously about design much, but the reality is that it impacts you and your thoughts – conscious and subconscious on a daily basis. How about the really eye-catching billboard you passed on your morning commute? How the last time you picked up a cool new phone or went car shopping? Whether you thought about it or not, those billboards and products were designed to send a certain message. What does your marketing say about your business?

Good Design Establishes Trust

Even if it isn’t conscious, we all make judgements about the people with whom we interact. If you’re interviewing candidates, you’re likely to trust the person more who’s better-dressed and showed up ten minutes early. Every time a customer interacts with your brand, it’s like a mini interview, an opportunity to impress or a chance to disappoint. Is your marketing content the punctual, well-dressed candidate, or the disheveled who showed up two minutes late and out of breath?

Whether it’s your website, your sales collateral, or your product, your customers will trust you more if your design exhibits an obsession with quality and an attention to detail.

Design Alters Perception

Think about your last really amazing meal at a premium restaurant. Did you think about how much effort the chef put into making the food look just right? The grill marks just so on the steak or chicken. The sauce drizzled on as if an artist had signed your plate. Even if you didn’t think about it at the time, that presentation sent an important message about the experience you were about to have with your food. The design was a crucial part of the experience.

You could fill volumes with anecdotes about packaging design altering consumers’ perceptions, changing how a product feels or even tastes. Design – good and bad – alters the perception of your products and/or your brand.

Are You Sending the Right Message?

Have you ever thought about

Who are your customers, and are your sending the right message?

Is Your Look & Feel Current?

Times change, and just like those sweet corduroy slacks or the floral-print sofa your grandma had in her living room,

Expending resources to ensure your products and marketing exhibit good design isn’t just optional anymore, it’s crucial.

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